At Dr. Amjad Al-Agroudi We diagnose, treat and follow up the most important mental illnesses that the elderly suffer from

Some of the psychological problems that the elderly suffer from are: –

It is a well-known mental illness characterized by constant feelings of sadness, low mood, lack of energy and the inability to carry out daily activities.

Depression in the elderly is diagnosed and treated by known methods, which are drug therapy or psychotherapy, but here it should be emphasized how important the role of family members is in treating elderly depression, as these are not only the closest people to them, but they are often the only people who know them and are still Alive.

Also, in many cases, one of the causes of depression in the elderly is a feeling of lack of interest on the part of family members, because of the independence of children, their marriage, the formation of their own families and their preoccupation with their worries, then the feeling of low self-esteem and uselessness begins to appear.

Therefore, if family members remain connected with them, involve them in their lives, and seek assistance from them, then the sense of self-importance increases and psychological problems begin to recede.

It is a disorder that occurs in memory, thinking and the ability to carry out daily activities and appreciation of things, which clearly affects the lifestyle of the elderly.
Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia.
Dementia requires adequate and continuous care in order to improve patients’ lives as much as possible.

It is a psychological disorder characterized by a false perception of reality “or a dissociation from it”, represented by hallucinations of various kinds, delusions and incorrect beliefs, as well as some symptoms called “negative symptoms” such as lack of will and lack of pleasure.